What You Need To Help You Start A Business In Nigeria

Starting a business in Nigeria involves planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities. To ensure that you move in the right direction, we at Cedrus Sleek provide practical assistance with business consulting, market research and analysis, business plan development, choosing your business structure and registering your business in Nigeria.

Here are a few services included that will help start your business:

Market Research

Market research blends consumer behavior and economic trends to confirm and improve your business idea.

It’s crucial to understand your consumer base from the outset. Market research lets you reduce risks even while your business is yet to launch.

Gather demographic information to better understand opportunities and limitations for gaining customers. This could include population data on age, wealth, family, interests, taste and fashion or anything else that’s relevant for your business.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis helps you learn from businesses competing for your potential customers. This is key to defining a competitive edge that creates sustainable revenue.

market research, competitive analysis

Conducting market research and competitive analysis is useful at all stages of the business life cycle. If you are starting a business, it can help you work out your competitive advantage. If your business is already established, you can use market research to develop new products and services and target customers more effectively.

Turn Your Idea Into Business

A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business and will help you turn your idea into reality. You’ll use your business plan as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business.

Business plans can help you get funding or bring on new business partners. Investors want to feel confident they’ll see a return on their investment. Your business plan is the tool you’ll use to convince people that working with you or investing in your company is a smart choice. It can also help you to attract buyers if you want to sell your business.

business plan
Your Business Structure

Your business structure affects how much you pay in taxes, your ability to raise money, the paperwork you need to file, and your personal liability.

Through our business consulting service, we help you determine which business structure best suit your business idea. The four main types are sole proprietorship; partnerships; incorporated trustees; and companies.

Reserve Your Business Name

You’ll want to choose a business name that reflects your brand identity.  We help you check and reserve your name or come up with a unique business name if your preferred names are not available.

If you want an online presence for your business, start by registering a domain name — also known as your website address, or URL.

Register Your Business in Nigeria

If you conduct business as yourself using your legal name, you won’t need to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). However, where the business name consists of words other than your surname and forenames (or initials), it must be registered with the CAC.

If your business is an LTD, corporation, partnership, or nonprofit corporation, you’ll probably need to register your business with the CAC to conduct business activities in Nigeria and enjoy personal liability protection, and legal benefits.

reserve your business name, registering your business with the CAC,

At Cedrus Sleek, we have made it easy for individuals and companies to make smarter startup decisions. Cedrus Sleek in collaboration with our sister Law Firm would manage the company registration process, ensuring that your formation goes smoothly and efficiently so you can commence your business with confidence.

Most businesses will also need to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and file for the appropriate licenses and permits. Certain businesses are also subject to monitoring, regulatory control and licensing by relevant government agencies such as National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Nigerian Investments Promotions Commission (NIPC), National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), Nigerian Customs Service, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), etc.

What is Included

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Company/Business Name Registration
  • Market Research
  • Business Name Availability Check
  • TIN Application
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Reserve Business Name
  • Stamp Duties

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